Friday, 18 May 2012

Guestbook [teaser]

Sneak peeks of my guestbook
[teaser]-hardcover design

showing the 1st page (picture taken when the hardcover design wasn't finished yet)

2nd page

inlay pages in colorful papers

Wedding Dress for Groom's side [sneak peeks]-95%completed as of May 12th

Here i wanna share with you my wedding dress (pink + grey) for vintage & garden fairy tales theme for the sneak preview only. 95% completed as of May 12th because my designer still wanna put some swarovski on some part of it. fyi, this dress is my only design and idea with the combination of kebaya and the duchess style of dress and was inspired by hatta dolmat's design. Custom made dress is actually included in the wedding planner package for groom's side.